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Welcome to the new Flint Bowmen web page.  Flint Bowmen Inc. has been around 77 plus years, which makes us one of the oldest archery-only clubs in the state of Michigan.  We are proud to say we are run by volunteers who do the work that it takes to make us a great and safe place to shoot a bow.  We are an archery club that takes pride in making sure the whole family can have fun with a bow.  We welcome all shooters, whether they shoot compounds, traditional equipment, or cross bows.

We have a heated, indoor range that members can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We offer an outdoor practice range where people can practice up to 90 meter shots.  We have three wooded courses set year round with animal targets for our membership to utilize whenever they want.

If you are looking for a family oriented archery club, you have come to the right place.  We also have leagues and shoots of all kinds that non members can enjoy.

If you do not find the information you are looking for on this site, or if you need additional information, please feel free to contact me at

Mike Alexander

President of Flint Bowmen




 Spring Opportunities To Have Fun With Your Bow:

April 12 & 13 30 Target 3-D Shoot & Flea Market
Saturday 9-5, Sunday 9-3  This is a perfect time to practice for the upcoming leagues!!  

April 15   Outdoor Spring 3-D League Tuesdays for 8 weeks.  Shoot anytime between 10 AM and 7 PM. A great time to get in the woods with your family or friends and have some fun with your bow!!!

April 16   Outdoor Bulls-eye Target League
Wednesdays 10 AM and between 4-7 PM   12 week league 
Have fun shoot your bow some long distances!!!
(Moving to Wednesday this year)

April 17   Outdoor Out West 3-D League
Thursdays for 8 weeks. Shoot anytime between 4:30 PM and 7 PM.  This is some long distance 3-D shooting!!  Range finders can be used on this league

Future Events this Summer and Fall

June 7 & 8    
Saturday 9-5 Sunday 9-3  

Wounded Warrior 30 Target 3-D Shoot
Sponsored by Ed’s Archery and Flint Bowmen.  
Lots of prizes to win and a fantastic cause to support!

July 26 & 27  
Saturday 9-5 Sunday 9-3  

Catch-A-Dream 30 Target 3-D Shoot
Sponsored by Catch-A-Dream and Flint Bowmen.
Archery games, prizes and lots of fun!

July 29 & 30
8 Week League


Fall 3-D and Broad head Leagues
Tuesdays 10 PM – 7 PM and Wednesdays 2 PM – 7 PM The perfect league to get ready for the upcoming hunting season. Shoot the league or shoot it OPEN until late September

August 10

Iron Archer – CASH Shoot
One Day Only – shoot all three styles of archery: Compound Bow, Crossbow and Recurve/Traditional Bow in a NEW competition to prove your archery skills!

August 23 & 24
Saturday 9-5 Sunday 9-3  

Fall Shoot – 30 3-D Target Shoot
Flint Bowmen’s BIGGEST Shoot of the Year!
Novelty Shots, Coon Shoot Saturday Night, Raffles, and MORE!

October 2 & 4  
8 Week League
Thursday 6 PM
Saturday 9 AM
Saturday 1 PM

Kids Instructional Leagues
2 Different days, 3 different times – Kids can only shoot one day/time
Must pre-register beginning August 1st and prepay to hold your spot for
the Kids Instructional Leagues.  810-214-1580 or

October 7
8 Week League
Tuesday 6 PM

Ladies League
We kick the guys out so the ladies can have some fun shooting! A very
low competitive league just for the fun of it.

January 2015
12 Week Leagues

Winter Indoor and Outdoor Leagues
Shooting every day of the week except Saturdays for 12 weeks!



All events open to the public!

Bring Family, Bring Friends, Make it an EVENT to remember!


A Quick Video of some of the pictures of past events

If you like what you see, check out our facebook link for more. Or bettter yet come join the fun :)

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Up Coming Events

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