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Q: Why should I join Flint Bowmen?
A: By joining Flint Bowmen, you have access to our heated indoor range or a target filled outdoor range 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  (except for scheduled events)

Q: How much does it cost to join Flint Bowmen?
A: It really depends on when you join during the year.  The amount is prorated from $130 in January down to $80 in November and December.  When joining in November and December, you’re automatically eligible for the $50 rate for the next year.  More details can be found on our About  page.

Q: Are my spouse and children members when I join?
A: Yes, your spouse is automatically a member as well as all of your immediate children under the age of 18.  Upon turning 18, that child would need to pay $50 for a membership assuming they work the requisite 20 hours.

Q: If I am a member, can I bring a friend to shoot?
A: Yes!  Friends are more than welcome.  If shooting in a league they will be responsible to pay the league fee for non-members, if shooting a range with you, adults need to pay a $5 visitor fee and children are $2.  It’s important that visitors have a waiver on file.  They can be found at the club and should be turned in with the visitor fee.

Q: Do non-hunters shoot at the club?
A: Yes, many of our members and guests shoot target archery simply because then enjoy shooting.

How do I join 

Simply Print and complete 3 forms below and mail it into the address listed 

Or Click the link below for a club tour and  pre printed application 

Online Applications and renewals coming soon 

Do I have to be a member to participate?

While a lot of events and leagues do not require membership the costs of said events and leagues are reduced special rates for Flint Bowmen Members.

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