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Join Flint Bowmen Inc


  • 24 hour access

  • Indoor/Outdoor Leagues

  • Indoor Range (heated)

  • Youth Instructional Leagues


The membership period is from January 1 through December 31 each year.  Membership allows 24/7 indoor and outdoor range privileges, but does not include any fees for leagues.  League fees are $5.00 for members per league night and $8.00 per visitor.  Our leagues are open to the public so you can bring a friend who may not be a member to shoot with you!

Please close the gate and twirl the lock combination when entering or exiting the building and parking area at Flint Bowmen if you are the last person to leave the grounds.

Guests may shoot on club ranges while accompanied by a current member, pay the requisite guest fee, and have a current waiver on file.  Guest fees are $5.00 for adults, $2.00 for children.  When shooting a league, a separate guest fee is not necessary for the league nights.

NO BROADHEADS are allowed on Target or Field ranges.  BROADHEADS are only allowed on the outdoor range specifically for that purpose.


To become a member of Flint Bowmen, Inc. You must be at least 19 years old. A membership includes immediate family members. A packet containing the Constitution and By-Laws and membership information will be given to the applicant upon receiving the initiation fee and dues. You can download or print the application here. Paper Application


The first year dues are prorated depending on which month you join. There is a chart in the membership application explaining the 1st and 2nd year dues structure. Yearly dues are currently $130.00 per membership if joining in January. All yearly memberships are due by January 31. Any membership that is delinquent 30 days after the due date shall be dropped from membership. Seniors (62 years or older) are can join the club for half price.


All active members age 19 years and older are asked to work a minimum of 20 hours (per membership) for the club.

All work must be completed within the fiscal year, 1/1/## to 12/31/##. A work hour summary for each membership is kept up to date by the Membership Coordinator. A credit of $4 per hour worked will be credited towards your dues. The discount can be up to $80 subtracted from your yearly dues. The minimum dues = $50. Work hours are prorated for those joining during the year. Kids work hours do not apply to memberships but are recognized at the Annual Meeting. All fees for seniors are discounted 50%.


Club work shall be all work done by a member to help better the club. The following items shall be considered but not limited to club work: time any member spends in relation to a club function, such as kitchen help, target set up, administrators, field judges, equipment inspectors, clean up crews or any similar job areas, time spent at improving and maintaining the club and its property, time spent on any new additional items that will improve the club.


The club holds its Annual Meeting and election of officers in January. Membership meetings are scheduled monthly, with exceptions.


All members of the club work together and share the workload to keep the club and ranges maintained, so please do your part!  Various responsibilities may be assigned (e.g. target maintenance, range cleanup, tournament duty, etc.) during a club work day.  We are a non-profit organization and as such we depend on our membership.

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